Friday, July 3, 2009

Turn Your Laptop into a Blu-Ray Player!

Would you like to watch high-definition Blu-Ray movies on your laptop? Of course you would!

Chances are your laptop's current optical drive is beginning to wear out. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives are one of the most commonly replaced components on notebook computers because of their use. So instead of simply replacing your drive, why not upgrade to the power of Blu-Ray?

With the Universal Laptop Blu-Ray BD-ROM drive, you can transform your laptop into a Blu-Ray player no matter what model of laptop you own! This BD-ROM drive is produced by Hewlett-Packard and is designed to fit into any laptop’s IDE drive. All you’ll need to do is equip the universal Blu-Ray drive with the housing of your laptop’s current optical drive for that perfect fit.

Not only will your laptop act as a portable Blu-Ray movie player, but you can also hook it up to your HDTV to watch Hi-Def movies on the big screen. Check out our previous article about PC-to-TV connection to learn more about getting yourself set up.

Still not convinced? Well, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in picture quality when you compare it to DVD. Click on the images below to see full-sized comparisons between DVD and Blu-Ray.

As you can see, much more detail is visible in the Blu-Ray version. Most noticeably in Spider-Man’s costume webs and the grit on Bruce Willis’s face.

The Universal Laptop Blu-Ray BD-ROM is capable of all the other functions you’ll need from an optical drive. It can read and write single and dual-layer DVD-R/Ws, as well as CD-ROM & CD-R/W.

Most laptops made within the past few years are powerful enough to handle the resolution and processing ability to handle high-resolution movies, but check your laptop's specs to be sure.


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